Our Practice


We at Northeast Orthodontic Specialists are dedicated to giving each patient a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.  We are a full service orthodontic facility. Orthodontics is all we do and we do it all the time, in a warm, comfortable environment because we care.

The first appointment takes place during quiet time.  The Doctor will meet with the patient and family.  He will evaluate what orthodontic treatment might be needed and discuss all the possibilities.  We will strive to answer all questions and address all concerns.  If the patient is ready for treatment,  diagnostic records would then be arranged, followed by a conference to fully explain treatment options, expectations, financing, and office policies and procedures.

During treatment, the value of your time is important to us.  Modern techniques are used to reduce the number of appointments that are necessary.  Efficient mechanics are used to move treatment along as quickly as possible.  We make every effort to do all this with minimal discomfort

There is a broad range of appointment times available to serve you better.  An orthodontic laboratory is located on the premises.  This offers faster turnaround for appliances and easier quality control and cost containment.  Office personnel are available during non-office hours in case of dental emergencies.

The case is not over when it is over.  You will be given retainers when the braces are removed.  The Doctors will then check and adjust your retainers for a year without an added fee for you.  We want to be sure that you keep that NEO Smile.

Everyone at Northeast Orthodontic Specialists is committed to excellence.   We want your smile to be your best and we want you to be happy.  Happy patients refer good patients to us.  Our best patients come from our best patients.  We are humbled that many dentists not only refer patients to us regularly, but also entrust us with their sons and daughters.  Our patients are the reason we have continued to flourish since 1972.  We are always excited to serve you to the best of our ability.