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Meet the Team


Lori McKenna is our Treatment Coordinator.  She guides all of our patients through their initial examination, records appointment, and conference visit and is available to discuss any concerns throughout a patient's treatment.  She is responsible for public relations and communications. 

Lori is also a Certified Orthodontic Assistant who has been serving our patients for over 25 years. We are fortunate to have her as our Clinical Supervisor.


Darlene Granata is a Certified Dental Assistant with over 10 years of clinical experience with a focus in children's dentistry. She is a graduate of the Community College of Rhode Island.


Chris is a dental assistant with 20 plus years of experience as an orthodontic assistant.    


Paula Ryfa is our Financial Coordinator.  A graduate of Emerson College, she has years of experience in billing and insurance matters and is available to discuss any of your financial concerns.  Paula is also our correspondence coordinator,  responsible for much of the office communications. She also helps to maintain our computer data base system.


Debbie has joined our team as our Appointment Coordinator.  She is always cheerful as she assists you with scheduling an appointment or directing your call/concern to the appropriate staff member.