Self-Ligating Braces

Here at Northeast Orthodontic Specialists we are constantly evaluating the latest advancements in orthodontic technology so that we can provide the fastest, most effecient results for our patients without compromising on quality.  We are proud to announce one of our most recent additions is to partner with GAC to provide to you latest in Self-Ligation technology, the In-Ovation System BracesIn fact, we are so excited about this techology that want everyone to benefit from without the aggravation of additional costs.  As a result, we have decided to offer the In-Ovation system to all of our new patients at the same treatment fee we have always had!  Read all about the new system below and see if In-Ovation is right for you.

In-Ovation System Braces

In-Ovation combines the benefits of self-ligation with GAC’s exclusive Interactive™ technology—the key to an optimal occlusion. In-Ovation is the only system with which you can decide the exact degree of wire-to-bracket engagement that’s correct for each phase of your patient’s treatment.

Passive Expressive Active  
Passive for leveling
and alignment
Expressive for increased
torque expression
Active for timely,
optimal finishing

Why In-Ovation self-ligation is the right choice for your practice
In-Ovation self-ligating brackets pay immediate dividends in both efficiency and lower per-patient operating costs.

Why the In-Ovation system is the right choice for your patients

In-Ovation enables patients to enjoy a cleaner, more aesthetic appearance. With far fewer office visits, less discomfort and faster treatment time than with traditional tie braces, your patients will have a more positive orthodontic experience.
In-Ovation averages 40-percent fewer appointments than traditional brackets with ties.

In-Ovation finishes equivalent cases approximately 4-months sooner than traditional brackets with ties.

With In-Ovation, doctors realize an approximate chairside time-savings of 3.5 hours per patient.


In-Ovation R

The premier mini twin, self-ligating bracket that gives you complete control from start to finish.

In-Ovation® R enables orthodontists and staff to treat cases easily and effectively while offering patients a faster, more comfortable and attractive treatment option. This unique bracket with Interactive™ technology allows doctors to choose the degree of control needed for each phase of treatment. The results have reflected a faster overall treatment time than traditional braces and improved finishing.  

The bracket’s laser-welded SuperMesh® ME base with clear indicators promotes ideal placement. Its innovative clip technology easily opens and closes; closing with a nudge of a thumb with an audible "click” to assure correct engagement.  An interactive Coballoy spring clip provides better torque expression while a special design ensures easy opening and closing – a full arch change takes seconds.


In-Ovation® C

In-Ovation® C is the world’s first ceramic bracket that allows clinicians to treat patients efficiently and effectively with self-ligation and GAC’s unique Interactive™ control technology. Interactive means that doctors can choose the exact level of control that’s required for each phase of treatment.

Greater control means better, faster finishing. With In-Ovation C, patients experience a more comfortable, attractive treatment experience, while doctors achieve the results they want with less chairtime and an overall shorter length of treatment.

In-Ovation C’s exceptionally high translucency and rhodium-coated clip provide superb aesthetics—a marketable advantage that appeals to patients of all ages. In terms of better treatment, studies consistently show that self-ligating brackets significantly lower frictional forces; offer faster archwire changes; decrease the number of appointments; and shorten treatment time. In-Ovation C means you can handle more cases while enhancing treatment outcome and the patient experience


• Self-ligation for greater efficiency
• Translucent ceramics for unequalled aesthetics
• Interactive™ technology for precise, selective control